My studio based research is rooted in 17th Century English delftware.

"Hewson loves the tin-glazed pottery and slipware from that time and the legacy of those anonymous makers is apparent in her work.

The 'white bobbly' pieces are her version of a 1653 defltware bossed tankard...the star pattern is reworked from a delftware cat."

- World of Interiors, October 2019. Interview by Augusta Pownall.

Alongside my studio practice, I work with museums and galleries to develop engaging workshops and outreach programmes inspired by their collections. Collaborations have included Kettle's Yard, the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, and Norwich Castle Museum.

I am also a member of the SCVA Artist Programme

Please see my twitter for Gallery Learning updates, or get in touch with any enquiries.

Posset Pot, Stoneware and Iron Slip