In 2019 I had the pleasure of being part of the TOAST New Makers Programme.

Two of my large slipware platters were sold through TOAST for the duration of the year, the Tenmoku Platter,and a Monochrome Slipware Platter.

Five artists were chosen by a TOAST panel, with the help of Royal Academician Rebecca Salter. The programme supports and mentors makers of all disciplines at the beginning of their journey, and celebrates and supports creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Images by Kendal Noctor, Courtesy of TOAST

Full interview here in TOAST Magazine

“A big part of my work is research-led and I tend to explore it through making. Much of my work is sort of odd tests and trying to use the elements that I like. So it might be thumbed edging round an old Essex jug or embossing on a tankard,”